Our first year and a bit….

By way of an introduction – this is us.
We met in 2006 through a mutual love of live music. Since then we’re like a pair of Swans – together for life! 😛 We’re into music, outdoor adventures, camping, photography and filming, cooking (well, I am – he isn’t), gadgety stuff (he is, I’m not) and he’s into doing an impression of a hunter-gatherer (stick collecting everywhere we go). We won’t mention football…

Giacomo (my cat) isn’t quite that sleek now – he’s getting a tad rotund. He lives with a neighbour now – an elderly lady from whom we have failed to liberate him and who clearly has no intention of returning him to us. Sad, but a fait accompli now.

Hector hates this picture taken of him on his birthday in 2007. I love it so it stays. As for the kissy one – I’ve no excuse for uploading that one!
to-climbor-not.gifyoung_giac.jpghector_birthdaypic.gif fi-and-giac-copy.gifsnuggle.jpgfi_closeup.jpg
This is Hectors favourite picture of me – its amazing how a couple of G&T’s can soften a girl’s edges. One man and his favourite pint in his favourite pub.
He taught me to play guitar for a while – though I had to resort to a 3/4 one to start with.
he_guitar.jpgfi_xmas.jpg giac_snoozin.gif
…and finally – a picture of Ross (aka Ross Boss); Hectors son. A nice profile silhouette. He hates having his picture taken almost as much as his Dad does.
PS. One more personality to mention. Osbert McFluff – the companion teddy bear that Lolly gave me!

In August 2007 Hector came to live here with me and start our life together.

In September 2007 we are joined by Tootsie – a cute pure grey girlie puss who keeps one paw in the air; hence becoming known as Tootsie.

In April 2008 Tootsie had 4 kittens. Gorgeous!! One has stayed with us.
Henry Pickle (with Lis), Olive and Tom (with Lotte) and Sinatra; aka Frank (ours). Sadly just a few months later Tootsie was hit by a car and was killed instantly.
henry-olive-tom.jpg sinatra.jpg
Grass and whispy whiskers

So, Hector in his IT Operations role and me (Fi) in my web design & publishing role can spend many happy hours thrilling you 🙂 with our multifarious amblings, ramblings and shamblings.

Since moving in to live together and share my house Hector has had a home office and works mostly from home. Strangely – although our main office desks are separated by 160 miles they are somewhat similar… But our employer organisations bear no similarity!

His and Hers desks – spot the difference…

Hectors new desk in his new home office..and my new one after we moved around at work.

We’ve already been practicing with a camcorder and have put some film onto YouTube See

All the pictures we’ll use on the site will be taken by Fi or Hector (except for the little pics of the iPod Shuffle and the view of Long Meg from the air – we nicked ’em from the web).

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