We’re often outdoors and these are our highlights! (up to early 2007)

A wonderful May Bank Holiday holiday to Dorset… blog page here

A perfect Easter weekend.
Weather brilliant. Breakfast outside in the garden. Then a walk up Raven Ghyll (Kirkoswald). Perfect. Wild garlic carpeted the woodland and filled the air with scent. Aside from just us and a sole jogger (who whizzed by us twice) there were red squirrels, buzzards, anemones, primulas, plenty of sheep with their lambs and tiny shetland ponies. We even saw a Pied Flycatcher, another early arrival for spring and a bird I’d never seen before. Despite it being only April 7th a single bluebell was braving an early appearance in the wood. We followed the footpath up Raven Beck through the woods and skirted the field before reluctantly turning back. We loved it so much that we’ve decided to take a bottle of champagne up there for our first anniversary in July.
Here’s the film…

Probably the most special day out we’ve had this year. A day on the coast of Southern Scotland for He’s birthday. It was very cold, windy and the time flew by.

We are more than a little lucky to have such beauty on the doorstep.

February 4th 2007 – Long Meg and Her Daughters
More stone circles on the Sunday. Chris and Fiona Martucci came over and we visited Long Meg and Her Daughters – a wonderful stone circle very close to home. We added some socks to the decorated tree of times left by visitors. Hector and Chris prop up a stone like its a bar.
Another lovely afternoon… Then we went up onto the Pennines for cake at the Hartside cafe.

February 3rd and 10th 2007 – Castlerigg Stone Circle and Derwentwater
Not a cloud in the sky and cold crisp air. Forget a lie in – gotta get out into the fresh air. So – a trip to Castlerigg Stone Circle. It’s a moody and melancholy place, its history uncertain and its atmosphere tinged with magic. The surroundings are (and I don’t use this term lightly) stunning. After an hour or so there the spirit lifts you.

Then just a couple of miles to Keswick and a walk to the Derwent Water shore. The light and sun and air were gorgeous. Geese were honking and hollering. The sun slanting on the mountains gave them a benevolent red and gold tone.

After hot chocolate and scones with cream we fed the ducks a while and reluctantly headed home to see if there was any chance we might be able to, finally, dismantle, dis-erect, curl and furl, unplode or de-origami the new tent into its bag.

We took so many photos (you can’t fail with those clear skies and wonderful views) that to choose only one or two was pointless.
We went back to Derwentwater on February 11th with Ross and the sun came out just in time. More duck and goose feeding and marveling at the strange, not-quite webbed, feet of Moor Hens, then some competitive stone skimming (Ross won of course). We did a bit of scrambling around on rocks and were shamed (once again by Ross) into climbing up a disgustingly small – though daunting at the time – rock face. Ross filmed it with his mobile but – oh-no, what-a-shame and hey-ho – the film failed! Tea and cake at the cafe – again – cured all.

January 27th 2007 – Yorkshire Dales
Good enough weather so we made the most of it. A trip to far reaches of the River Eden and Nateby. Impressive waterfalls over sandstone and granite rocks at Stenkrith park then, and after a drink at the pub in Nateby (lovely looking menu), a drive that takes you almost instantly onto high moorland. It was freezing, so the car seemed a far better place to be. A heart-shaped meadow around a ruined building looked like an oasis in a wilderness. Coming back down the distant view of lower fields catching the sun was lovely.
In October 2006 we spent an afternoon at Ullswater seeing an art installation of plastic windmills on the shore. It was gorgeous. The sound they made in the breeze was like a throng of chirping birds and the sight of them was both weird in the landscape and really beautiful. A magic few hours.

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