From the link to Flickr and on this page, and its sub-pages, are photos which we’ve taken and like or are of events that need a page of their own; like Adam and Sarah’s wedding and Lolly’s Graduation

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Our best photos on this blog are on page fotos : flowers + foliage + more

The main page header photo is of an iris in my garden.

A selection of others…..

This is probably the BEST photo I have ever taken. Its a lovely one of Hector’s fingers on the strings of his guitar. I love it – just wish I knew HOW I had taken it!

Beautiful fingers on the frets

On a drive to work this was the autumn sunrise over the Eden Valley October 2007.. We are so very lucky to live here.

The gorgeous and fragrant white wisteria in our front garden.

We had a short break in France in September 06 – just after we met – with Joke (my second visit there in 8 weeks). The first pic is her and her friend Roland. A lovely evening. Plus He at Riberac market at the Cafe de Collones, and me as brown as I’ve ever been, and Joke ‘noodling’ in the pool. The ONLY way to play in water! Over the week He learned to swim – a fantastic achievement for one of those rare people who genuinely can’t float. I reckon he has lead instead of marrow in his bones….

The Angel of the North and the Millennium Bridge Newcastle. Dec. 06 and a fiddled-with photo of Derwentwater.
We wrote in the sand on a birthday day out in January.
The Angel of the North - Dec. 06Millenium Bridge - Newcastle Dec. 06effects_derwentwater.jpgsand-script.jpg
…and just some pictures we like… plus with Chris and Fi – our first dinner guests in August 06.

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