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Hector’s birthday (Jan 08) and a surprise 36 hour trip to Northumberland. It was PERFECT and right up until the minute we got there he did not know where we were going!

A short visit to Limoges while in France and GORGEOUS gardens.

And Eric Bibb… Hector is his look-alike. This was my favourite gig of ALL time

I love to listen to Hector play his new 12-string…NOTE: The soundtrack to this film is the inspirational and HUGELY talented guitarist Martin Simpson (not Hector).

A day at Whitehaven Maritime Festival

He took me on holiday to Dorset

A blissful walk at Easter

A VERY special day

Art on the shore and a happy day

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  1. Pete Hawkins says:


    I work as a volunteer for a conservation charity and am looking for a couple of photos of starlings swarming ahead of roosting. Would it be possible for me to use a couple of your stunning shots from Gretna?


  2. Fi says:

    Hi Peter.

    Thats fine. I’m pleased you like them. You can find more of the images to download in:

    You are very welcome to use the pics but please credit/copyright and link them to:



  3. christina says:

    I’ve been searching for hours and hours today trying to find video’s of starlings flocking.

    you had one on youtube. Is it possible to get that video sent to me to my email? I need it to a presentation so only have one day left before its to late..;)

    can you help me?
    Best Regards

  4. Fi says:

    Hello Christina

    The film is too large to send by email – I’ve tried for you. BUT I can upload it to a temporary page on my work website for you to download. Leave it with me until the morning.


  5. Reif says:

    Hello Fi-

    I’m interested in using a 30 second snippet of your wonderful starling video on my website. If you send me an email, I’d be happy to tell you more. It sounds like you’ve figured out a way to send the video from the above exchange….



  6. Fi says:

    Hi Reif

    Let me know more about your site and how the snippet might be what you need.

    I think its poss to transfer the film through ftp so I suspect that its going to be possible to get it to you one way or another



  7. Fi says:

    PS Reif

    You can of course just embed the film direct from the url info on youtube…


  8. Reif says:

    Hey Fi,

    Thanks. I’ll talk with the web designer today about using the youtube url, but I suspect he’ll want the actual film file. I’ll tell you about the website, but I’d prefer to do it over email….


  9. Robert Krulwich says:

    Dear Fi (and Fi’s other half, who we think we saw on your starling video),

    My name is Robert Krulwich. I work on public broadcasting in America and also at ABC News, one of the USA’s major new organizations. I’m writing because I was browsing through YouTube, one of my privileges as a science correspondent here, and I bumped into your beautiful, beautiful video of the starlings over Gretna, Scotland. There are, as you know doubt know, a bunch of these images, but yours is especially sweeping and elegant and, I thought, the kind of thing that might get our viewers wondering: how do so many birds manage to flock together without bumping into each other? Who is their leader? What are they doing? Your video invites those questions and allows people to watch in wonder.

    That is why I am wondering if it would be possible for ABC news to use your images on its evening daily newscast. It is our most-watched program, seen all over the USA and the world. We wouldn’t use too much; each story is only two minutes long, but just showing all those birds sweeping through the sky would help me raise these questions.

    If you would write me back at my public broadcasting address: (which I check all the time; the one at ABC is harder for me to access) I would be very grateful.

    My questions are these:

    Would you be willing to allow us to use your video (or part of it)?
    If so, can we arrange a way to transmit the footage? (that’s a little beyond my skill set but I have a producer, Zach Fannin, who will help me.)
    If there are any expenses, or money you need to make it worthwhile — we don’t have a lot but we have some — we want to make sure you come out of this feeling OK.

    It’s really the first question that needs answering right now.

    We are thinking of broadcasting this story in May of this year. So we’re not in a super rush.

    Thank you so much,

    Robert Krulwich

  10. An_Old_Friend says:

    Hello there Fi, we haven’t met yet.

    Stumbled across your site in the middle of the night. Impressive photography

    Just like to pass my compliments on to HS on his guitar playing. He will think a minute then guess who this is from!


  11. Fi says:

    Thanks for the photo appreciation. Its a big passion!
    H gives in and can’t guess who you are. Give us a clue!

  12. Fi says:

    Hello Bill!
    I had a sneaking suspicion it might be you…… He did indeed give up too easily.
    Great old photo of you boys.
    Good to hear from you.

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