reflective, clumsy and where DID the weekend go?

I’ve been reading a novel that revolves around a group of friends reunited through grief after the death of one of them. It has nudged me into a reflective mood and made me aware of the sadness of losing someone and of the interaction of emotions between those affected by it. Each of them owns their own grief and the fallout has massive repercussions. It has kept me awake thinking about people I have lost or might lose, even dogs and cats, and the relationships that we all have with others.

In the last few days I have badly bruised my left arm twice and banged my head once. One bruise as a result of punching my elbow on a public toilet door (accident of course) and once trapping it in a full ladder that I was folding up to store. VERY sore. Clumsy. Me?

The weekend has flown by. It CAN’T be Sunday evening already. All full up with a nice dinner. Tried a new sauce with pasta that had loads of strong cheese in it and some chili too. Nice but full tummy now…

Has it rained again? You bet it has. Its officially the cloudiest August since records began. Hey ho.

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