season change – mellowing to autumn

Last week of August and trees are turning to gold – a tad early I think. It feels like we haven’t had any summer yet. Ah well. Its time to console ourselves with some nice wine. This picture of Hector nursing his rosé wine makes me smile

Cheers (365/76)

New clutch of chicks in the churchyard….

Run children, RUN! (365/77)

We both had hectic week at work and are now enjoying a really quiet housey weekend. Up and down ladders cutting back the honeysuckle from the front of the house and up on the utility room roof sawing and dragging branches from the budliea in the yard. More light for the lounge and the yard. Hard, but very satisfying work.

Frank helped…. but there was only one man for the job

Frank helps out (364/78) Up on the roof

Who’s looking real good!

Frank - nice pose!

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