bank holiday – the last one til Christmas

Both of us had a lot on at work. Hector’s hectic week meant he had to be away for most of it, which we don’t like, but my week at work was a hectic one too and I got a lot done at home as well.
Lolly arrived Friday evening and we had a couple of relaxing hours at the Spa and came home via the chippy (undoing all the spa good) and roof down on the car as we ate the chips from the bag. When H got home from his travels we all spent a few hours at the pub (no surprise there!)
Saturday after Lol left H’s brother Kev arrived – his first visit to us. Great to see him. Sat about in the garden and then had dinner at the pub (yum). A really nice evening.
Sunday – late breakfast with Kev before he heads off and Chris and Fiona M arrive shortly after. There is SOME sun so we do nothing except laze in the garden and natter. After dinner it turned cool enough to necessitate lighting the first fire of the ‘autumn’ even though its still August. I think we can give up on summer for 2008!

Lol is into Sudoku too…… Hector and Kev catch up……Chris lights the first fire of the ‘autumn’
Lolly's here for the night (365/70) Hector and his brother Kevin (365/71)First autumn fire

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