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WHAT a weekend. Excellent!
Friday eve and a quiz at the Health Spa. We joined up with one other person (Andy) and – like the pub quiz we do – we only flippin’ won! Very enjoyable and some tough questions.
Our answer sheet….. yes, a tad of a gloat.

Saturday was a drive over to Lincolnshire for a good friends’ surprise 50th birthday party. Chris (aka Crusty) was completely unaware of the planned massive party in his honour.
On the way down we saw a super-cool guy in a vintage car – wearing the most excellent leather gauntlets and all leather old-fashioned gear.
Then we visited some of my family en-route.
Later, to kill some time, (we didn’t want to arrive at the party before the birthday boy knew – our arrival would have given the game away) we stopped off for a quick drink at a pub which I knew had an historical family link. We discovered that my Great Grandfather had been the publican of it the 1890’s and 1900’s. We found it for sure when I spotted an old photo on the wall and after enlarging it on my camera saw that the man in the picture posing on the front step of the pub was my Great Grandfather – his name emblazoned on the pub sign-age. WOW! What a thrill.

Mr Cool…… My cousin’s little girl – the gorgeous Annabel…. My Great Grandfather….

The evening was magic. The party was superb and hosted by a good friend of the birthday boy. A superb live band (Sean et al), a bouncy castle (for kids and childlike grown-ups!), great food and copious drink. A very special evening. Loads of tents pitched in the gardens and more fun than should be allowed.
Chrissy and her birthday boy…. Sean of the band….. Adam and Sarah…. Bouncing….

Lolly + her big bruv Adam…. Birthday boy Chris and his sons…. Luke joined the band…Hector bouncing….

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