too much work to do… too many hours at the office…. too many chefs spoiling the broth… too many chores… too many people to worry about…. too many CATS to think about….. ALWAYS too much ironing in the basket…. too many days of rain…. too many things to organise…. too few flowers…. too many grey hairs… too little sleep… too much gloom and doom in this slowly collapsing country of ours… too little consideration and respect….

Yep. I’m fed up.

I want to be on soft grass, by a stream, in sunshine, on a pile of cushions, in the dappled shade of a lovely tree, with a brand new book to read, with a supply of goodies to eat and drink, bare feet that are dipped into the cool water, with no one else for miles around and the sound of only birds and the water trickling.


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