trouble with tootsie and a wedding ‘do’

A scary 24hours. Friday morning. Tootise was in a bad way when I got up yesterday morning – stiff and shaking like a leaf, eyes blinking very fast, pupils flaring and not able to control her movements. I had a dreadful feeling it was a bad reaction to some flea killing stuff I put on her neck the night before – a thought borne out by a phone call to an on-duty vet and confirmed at tea time when she was no better and I took her to the vets surgery. It was definitely neurological damage caused by the applied flea killer. She was poorly in the car and seemed even worse when I got her home. It was awful to see her in such a state. I felt sick with guilt at what I had done to her but by late evening she was perking up and this morning seems fine again and has eaten herself into looking like a little barrel. Phew.. Of the two cats, Giacomo and Tootise, Toots has been the cause of more than plenty worry and trauma. Bless her….

She was much better on Saturday morning so we were able to go to the Peak District for a wedding reception for a colleague of Hector’s. The weather was perfect and we had a great time. I met loads of his colleagues from Sheffield and, of course, the Bride and Groom. We stayed in the village of Foolow and visited the Plague Village of Eyam nearby. Interesting history and a nice wander around. A very pleasant few hours.

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