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Day 2 of our Northumberland break dawned bright and mild (though again the forecast was grim) so after a full breakfast we walked along the walled front at Berwick while the sun slanted honey-coloured from the sea.

After a short drive south along the coast to Holy Island we were lucky to find that the causeway was above water and the tide out for the entire day, so we could get across to the Island.

What a lovely area it is where the causeway starts – maybe it was the low winter sunlight, or the shore birds eerie calls or the sound of the suck of seawater on the sand – but it made me smile inside; a deep sense of calm. Beautiful. A solitary seal lounging on a sandbank watched me as I watched it. The wildlife is a joy to see. Holy Island was colder and a bit windier, but a different pace of life was like a snug blanket on the village and streets. The Priory of St Cuthbert is prominent and its sandstone walls pocked-marked by the ravages of the wind and sea over the centuries.

Next we followed the coastal drive south again past a bird sanctuary in a bay where the variety of birds made me glad to be a member of the RSPB, past Bamburgh Castle and then a stop at a pub in Amble where I left H to read the paper and I had chips on the harbour wall and got mobbed by gulls!

A magical weekend ended with an Indian meal (another birthday treat for He). Yum.

Our YouTube film is here

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