quiet christmas : non new year

A quiet time over Christmas. Just us two….. Lamb for Christmas dinner – nice. He and I loved our pressies. I got He a circular saw and workmate thingy amongst other stuff. He got me a great digital photo frame for the office.
He LOVED his gifts…look at the happy smile! >>>
On Boxing Day we headed to Yorkshire to see Ross (who liked his pressies from us, I think, I hope!) and lots of He’s family. It was a lot of fun. We stayed the night at his Mums before heading home the next day after seeing more of his family.

Then, two days doing housey stuff and I got ill. A bad dose of proper, real, big-time, knocked-out, think-you-are-dying flu. Very poorly – new year and everything cancelled. H called a Doctor to visit and I spent 5 days in bed. Disappointing to miss out on our new years plans with Fiona and Chris. Hey ho.

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