…there he was … wandering around in the middle of the road nowhere near houses. I couldn’t see anyone around and couldn’t leave him. So, when I opened the car door he just climbed in and settled down. On getting home I called the local dog warden (WHAT a nice guy – Paul) who came to get him straight away. Ross was most taken with Ginger (as he christened him) and we’ll be informed if his owners claim him, or – maybe we’d consider having him.
He’s a ‘sort of’ Jack Russell terrier. Friendly, well behaved and sociable. He had a funny little perfect dog-bone shaped white marking on his rear.
UPDATE…. 26th October
He was reunited with his owner and very happily so. I answered the door last night to be presented with a glorious orchid plant – his owner wanted to thank me. Aren’t there some LOVELY people in this world.

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