giacomo and us

By way of an introduction – this is us.
Giacomo isn’t quite that sleek now – he’s getting a tad rotund.
He always follows us as we walk to the pub and waits patiently outside for us – sometimes on the window sill; just watching and waiting. Makes us feel guilty for being cozy by a roaring fire with a wee drinky (or three) in-hand. Well – not so guilty that we leave early. He then walks home with us making little yowly sounds as if to remonstrate with us for being too long.
Hector hates this picture taken of him on his birthday. I love it so it stays!
to-climbor-not.gifhector_birthdaypic.gif fi-and-giac-copy.gif
This is Hectors favourite picture of me – its amazing how a couple of G&T’s can soften the edges. My swing seat at home – perfect for watching TV. Plus one man in his favourite place at the pub.
he_guitar.jpgfi_xmas.jpg giac_snoozin.gif
…and finally – a picture of Ross; Hectors son. A nice silhouette.

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