The Earls do their first (and last) gig

They made it. By the skin of their teeth, it all came good and the Earls (Hector, Joe and Dave) played a short giggy thing at the pub.
My big Christmas surprise for Hector was that his son, step-daughter and her partner were coming and he didn”t know. It was hard keeping it secret, but am so glad we did. His face was a picture when we got to the pub and they were all there! I”ll never forget it.
The band did a really good session and everyone in the pub really enjoyed it. I stayed way later than I usually do at the pub (2am) and apparently Hector was still there at 4. There were some deserved thick heads the next day.
Picture 9
Picture 7
Picture 8
We all had a great time – its what happy memories are made of.

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