October in a nutshell

I have been remiss again keeping this all up to date…. busy is not my only excuse!

So, October….

Well -starting with late September and a real treat for Sally and I. We took the Gardeners Question Time train on the glorious Settle to Carlisle line for a recording of GQT aboard the train. It was a really good day. A wonderful atmosphere on the train and my question was one chosen to put to the panel. I knew I hadd messed up the recording as soon as I began because I forgot to say where I was from. But, meeting the panel and the really lovely Pippa Greenwood who was a lovely and friendly woman was the thrill. Sally and I ALWAYS have a blast on our little outings!
Our GQT Panel
Looking back up the line from RibbleheadSally waiting fro the GQT train
Me asking the question seated with Pippa Greenwood

Sally and I also had a really lovely autumnal walk at Edenhall. A PERFECT way to start the weekend. A last minute sunshine evening walk with Sally Logue , Roxy dog and Rosie to the river at Edenhall. Lovely evening. And some great fun spying some MASSIVE Conkers and Sally managing to get them from the tree.
Enormous conkers!

Hector and I had a super evening with Adele and Ray. Chatter, home made curry and bhagis (v good by the way) guitar playing and great music!
Hector and Adele making music

Hector has got us tickets for some of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow next summer. It will be my first major sporting event. Very exciting.

Rosie waiting for me at a farm shop….

Too tempting to drive past….. Got some eggs and conserves.

It might be the Daily Mail web site But I LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE this little £3,000 house! Fabulous! What a truly wonderful space to call home.

There is nothing Rosie likes more than snuggling up in a pile of washing queuing at the washing machine! This was at Sallys house and Jess here was very amused.
Rosie in the washing and Jess

Hector took Ross to London and they saw a big footie match. A great lads weekend.

I have got to get me some tickets for a local performance – been meaning to for years. So so so funny. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d13gX-1HJg4

A bit random…. How about this for a regularly used and laundered tea towel! 1983 calendar. So almost 31 years old! Just realised as I was putting it away after washing….

My very lovely and artistic friend displays teapots and cups in her kitchen BEAUTIFULLY.

We went to Glasgow to see Peter Gabriel at the new Hydro venue. Our hotel was great – just a Premier Inn but I was very impressed with our 14th floor room and the view!
Hydro in Glasgow
View from the 14th floor
The gig was wonderful (tho I was suffering from vertigo in the hugely steep seating) and a big highlight was meeting a media buddy in the flesh for the first time. So happy to have met Suzanne!

Heavens. Apparently two national papers used my photos (starlings of course) and one included a pic of me. What I said and the info is all reworked but you would expect that.

Thats exciting…. a new book has just arrived. Very plush and a wonderful creation by author John Nowell.
It also supports Air Ambulance Service. AND it has – at first count – at least 20 of my photographs in it, including one of me.
“A Day Above the Lake District” – a perfect Christmas present methinks!! Published this week.

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