Mid September

H went to visit family in Yorkshire for the weekend (chiefly because his Mum is in hospital and it was her birthday too)and before he left brought me a cup of tea in bed – not something he does as a rule. What a treat. I spent the Saturday doing all sorts of extra chores – clearing out and tidying and trips to recycling. It felt good!
Had a nice walk on the Sunday too…. Eden Lacy….

Later in the month I wandered down to the river again…. I got this shot of a fisherman catching a fish.
Picture 12

Hector and I set off for Ullswater and a walk at Pooley Bridge, but when we got there it was packed with tourists so we turned back. I spotted a turn off the road that I had never explored and often wondered what it led to. It took us to a dead end at a lovely little church. The church has a central tower and a very unique design inside – the tower in the centre puts the font and altar centrally under it. We then had a short walk beyond it to a farm – which is an old fortified building going back to the Reivers.
Picture 19 Picture 18Picture 17 Picture 12

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