Where to start…..

So, no updates since Christmas. So, I had better start with that!

Quiet time just he and I. we spent an hour or so at the pub before lunch when we had local roast beef. It was lovely. Hector bought us a fabulous Dualit food processor so there is no excuse to avoid making more complicated things to eat. It’ll take a while to learn how to use it. The blades are vicious! It does everything – short of the washing up I reckon.
First things first though! CAKE!!

Xmas mantle

I was determined not to worry about healthy diet or lack of alcohol for the two weeks off over Christmas. VERY nice to really indulge in good food. Hector had bought some really nice wines so they went down well.

Frank and Kate had us around for a game or four of cards. I ALMOST won the set, but I’m still a novice. I decorated some gingerbread men to take along with us….

Personalised biccies

On New Years Eve Chris and Fiona came over. Always lively chat and laughter. A big meal that I think went down well with everyone… Lasagne.
Fiona M on New Years Eve
Hector and Chris doing phoney techy things

Between Christmas and New Year Kate and I had a girls day out in Keswick. We had lunch and a really good look at all the nice shops. I ‘accidentally’ bought two wonderful soft toy doorstops from a posh furniture shop.
Meet Hector Otter and Maurice Mole
Maurice and Hector

We had a couple of walks locally with Rosie. Not great weather but nice all the same.
Down at Eden Lacy

Gong back to work was hard – I was almost dangerously relaxed.

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