Sad news

On October 22nd a very long-term friend passed away. I met Arthur in 1975 and worked with him after I left school. We were engaged for a couple of years and lived together. I was always fond of him and over the years we remained close and in touch – albeit infrequently. His ex-wife is a friend and his daughter the best friend of my niece.
He hadn’t been well for a while – sadly due to alcohol.
He was too young to go.
The funeral was a gentle and quiet one and I went with Sis and her husband. Afterwards everyone went to the Hare & Hounds at Bowland Bridge – where Arthur liked to go out for lunch often. It was a good-humoured occasion and despite the sadness a joy to see old friends who in some cases I hadn’t seen since around 1980 or so. We all decided that we would get together soon for a proper reunion.
On the way home I noticed that the mountains in the Lakes had a first covering of snow.
And just as I got closee to home I saw a large flock of fieldfares flitting in a field where the crops had been gathered.
St Johns in the Vale Sister clouds
fieldfare flockDeep cloud bank over the Pennines

This weekend (3-4th November) Sis and niece came for the day – we met in town at Booths for coffee and cake. I got out the old leather suitcase of our Fathers which is full of old (VERY old) photos, documents, bits and bobs, school reports, ration books, National Service records etc and for the first time Clare was able to look through and learn more about her long gone relatives, including Dad (her Grandfather) who she never met as he passed away a few years before she was born.

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