3 last leave days

Hector has gone on a Boys Beano with Ross, Father and son trip to London, so I have had my last three leave days on my own.
On Friday Sally came over for coffee early on which was lovely. Its not often we get together like that.
She was messing with my iPad and got this pic of me….

For the rest of that day a few washing and cleaning chores and then a full afternoon in the garden in nice sunny weather with a book and just Rosie and Frank Cat for company.
On Saturday Frank came over for a chat and coffee and then more of the same from yesterday i.e me on a lounger in the garden with a book.
Peacock butterfly Dahlia
A quiet supper, 2 glasses of red wine for dinner and watching SkyArts coverage of Cropredy Festival this year.

This morning I actually, first time for years, had a lie in. I woke at 10 and then had poached eggs on toast. And guess what, more sitting in the garden with a book. I’m going to make the very best of a last day off!

Hector just called from London. He lost his mobile phone on his way back from a Comedy Club with Ross. What a faff for him, but no sympathy as he was a bit plastered!

I didn’t expect much of anything for my last day off – a quiet Sunday. At around 3 I set out to take Rosie a short walk – driving just out of the village to walk down a track. I got a phone call from our friend Adele wondering if I was walking Rosie as she fancied a walk. So, we agreed to meet straight away at Edenhall church. When we got there we found it very busy, lots of people (relatively for Edenhall) and the field open for parking cars. It turned out that there was a walk ‘on’ – raising money for St Cuthberts Church there. It was a normally private 3 mile stretch of the river bank along the Eden and to Riversmeet (where the Eamont joins the Eden) and along the Eamont to Udford. It was wonderful. What a treat. The field edges by the river had been cut short so walking was easy. There were benches here and there (used by people who have fishing rights) and at the fisherman’s hut there was a toilet and a bowl of water and towel had been left outside it for us to use. The river was quiet and mostly still with some bubblier stretches. We saw other folks who were enjoying the walk and both Adele and I came across people we knew. Rosie loved the walk and behaved impeccably.
It was about 5.5 miles, but Endmondo glitches on the way back and the iPhone battery failed before the end.

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