A day out to the Lakes

I went to visit Mum in Ambleside. The plan was to go with Jane to walk around Rydal but as I got to heres she was called in to work. So, I went on my own. I didn’t do the full round of Rydal but spent time in Rydals Wood and on the lake shore. I didn’t walk far but it was too nice to rush.

Rydal.1 Accidental art
Rydal ripples Rydal moo
I drove back up the Holbeck Ghyll road which I haven’t done for decades. I stopped a couple of times to test out the first half mile of two footpaths. One is a bridle path that we should do properly some time.
Heart and soul Above Holbeck Ghyll
Beside one path was a gateway with a lovely heart on it, and beyond at the edge of the field some picnic chairs and tables with a parasol tucked away next to them. Someones romantic retreat. The views from the table would be right over Windermere and meadows and clear over to the south. Lovely.
Then it was through Troutbeck, again where I haven’t been for many years. As I drove past the Institute there – village hall! – I remembered that as teenagers we went to dances there and loved it. Strangely as I drove by the iPod shuffle began to play some music from exactly that time, and one that took me back vividly to those days.
Then it was up and over Kirkstone before ambling along the shore of Ullswater and home.
Townend barn Kirkstone

And when I got home I took a book out into the garden and fell asleep again!
I parked up at Jane’s and walked to Mums for tea and cake.

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