Determined seaside excursion

Only one day during our time off together was forecast to be good (ish) weather. I was determined to have a day at the seaside. Its also the first anniversary of Rosie coming to live with us.

We drove over to Whitby. Sunny and warm. The town was PACKED but we headed to the beach where I had imagined we would spend the day and paddle, and lay on the sand and read, and play with Rosie. However, two problems. One – the tide was WAY in, right up against the promenade wall and, two – no dogs allowed on the beach anyway. So, we promenaded on the prom and sat a while on its edge dangling our feet over the surf.
We decided to head a few miles south to Robin Hoods Bay where neither of us had visited before. It was busy there too, but such a pretty little town. We’d read that there was excellent fish and chips to be had there, so we sat on a bench overlooking the bay and had some of the best fish and chips ever.
We walked back to the high car park along the sea defence wall and found a little beach where there was some space and sand and managed to get half an hour of paddling. Rosie was very funny – not taken her to a beach before. She ran into the water after me, but ran away from all the little waves.
Driving home was into a setting sun with dramatic skies.

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