Lol, Lee, George and we

It’s been a special weekend despite a nasty 5-day cold and bad chest etc. I was thrilled to see Lollykin when she and Lee and the divinely naughty George arrived on Friday night. Rosie bless her wasn’t too impressed with George though. We watched some of the Olympic opening bash and joined the boys at the pub for a while.

On Saturday I was sadly feeling too ill to meet up with Deb and her lovely boys as planned at PotFest in the Park. I was so disappointed, but speaking to Deb we realised that we really needed to get together and catch up properly.

Instead we four took George and Rosie for a walk around Ladies Walk at Edenhall. It didn’t rain and the dogs got on ok. It was a lovely hour or so. I was quite sad when they had to leave. In the evening we had a longstanding date for dinner with Frank and Kate at the pub. Almost 5 hours at table with lively soul-searching chat – some of it almost too ‘dangerous’…. it could have been uncomfortable, but it was about being honest with some soul searching questions. I found myself looking at some things about me or my past that made my heart lurch a bit. Still makes me a little tearful thinking about it now….
Sunday – quiet and just a few chores and I slept for a lot of the afternoon. I feel a lot better now. Hector is a bit snuffly so I hope his week doing Olympics in London etc isn’t spoilt… he’s off in the morning.

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Ross has been a gone ‘n’ broken his arm AGAIN. Same arm, but broken higher up at his elbow – the worst place for a break. This time it was