Gloss over the weather shall we?

Ignoring the appalling summer weather it has just about been possible to dodge torrential rain and have short walks. The garden is looking bedraggled. Its the wildlife I feel for though – how is it surviving? Its the Big Butterfly Count at the moment but i truth I have literally seen a handful of butterflies all summer. Not so many years ago I couldn’t count them they were so numerous on the buddleia.
Frank and Kate came over for a game of cards. I was trounced – as always. but it doesn’t matter. Its great fun. Hector does a lot better – and really gets tuck into it.
Chris and Fiona came for a Saturday visit. Wonderful. As always.

Their company makes me happy. Hector had put together a selection of beers and they brought some goodies too. I made a risotto for dinner.
The following day I took Rosie and the camera and had a walk down to where they were doing some MotoX. The noise so redolent of cross wasps!

I isn’t get as close to the action as I’d have liked (fields full of young boisterous calves) but did get this shot that pleased me….
Flowers in the verge

Hector has been making WONDERFUL omelettes and getting into making quiches. Very good they are too.

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