Olympic Torch came our way – twice

The torch came through Penrith so we dashed in to see it. By chance we were at a point where it was ‘kissed’ from one torch bearer to the next. It was quite exciting and strangely moving.
Olympic Torch coming through Penrith on Midsummers Eve 2012

The next day it was going through Ambleside so I used it as an excuse to visit Mum and Sis. Sis and I took Rosie into Borrans Park to watch the torch come by. We were damp and midge-bitten but it was great. Rosie had on her waterproof hi-vis jacket and matched the policemen.

Torch Bearer in Ambleside My Sister making a twerp of herself with a stilted man and a giant pink flamingo

Well parked Poodle A debate as to who was most embarrassed
I enjoyed seeing the torch bearer take the torch onto the lake Steamer and sail off to Bowness.
Torch Bearer aboard the Steamer
We watched from the lake shore in the park and Jane picked Rosie up so she didn’t get trampled.

We were on the TV too – on Look North BBC News… here’s the snippet that Hector prepared for me.

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