Planet weird and heatwave

Its a wonderful heatwave to start some leave from work. YAY!
First thing was a new short haircut! The mobile hairdresser Stacey is great. Radical I know but I love it… She generally does Sally before me so Sal and I share our revamp plans!

Hector nipped out to get fish and chips and we had our first meal outdoors on the terrace. Wonderful.

Later we went to the pub. I read the local paper and nearly fell off my bar stool. Weird weird weird weird weird…. last week (its true; its in the paper with pccies!) BARRY MANILOW stopped off in Penrith at the Agriculture Hotel (The Agi as its known) for a lunch time meal. The Agi? Manilow at the Agi of all places. Apparently it had been recommended to him by a friend in L.A. REALLY? Its such an ordinary pub! Then he spent 20 minutes in Castle Park – which must be looking simply FAB after mindless oiks burned down the pavilion. (Planet weird.)

And later, the snooker player Dennis Taylor arrived (he was staying the night) and joined us (me and H, Ray and Jeanie) for a drink. What a nice guy. His gags were delivered like Frank Carson and made as laugh as much. I’m not a snooker fan though would have known who he was.

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