Heating up!!

Last weekend Hector was away having a boys weekend with Ross and Sis came to stay with me. We had a lovely walk at the river, splashed out on a meal at the pub and generally relaxed. Event the sun came out a bit and on Sunday morning we went for a wander so Sis could meet the new foals recently born near the village.

The weather has really warmed up – 24degrees most of the week and wall-to-wall sunshine. Wonderful.

On Wednesday Maurice at Eden Lacy walked us through the fabulous bluebell woods there. Heavenly.
Bluebell heaven Bluebells and sun
A walk with a Countryman Lacys Caves in evening sun
Thank you Maurice – it was a lovely hour. Just lovely.

Feeling stupid……
Sunday: Noticed that one of the ‘unopenable’ triangle half windows at the back of my soft top car had slipped down into the bodywork leaving a wide gap. Damn. It just wouldn’t budge so I knew I’d have to book it into the garage.
This morning: Soft top down and had another go at shifting it back into place. No joy. So, I thought, check the car manual for how to open up the casings to get into the workings and save the garage costs.
BUT – imagine my amusement when I read about where some buttons were for the ELECTRIC REAR windows! I had NO IDEA I had openable rear half windows…. and I’ve had the car 4 years! I laughed to myself most of the way to work…..

On Thursday… after work 33 degrees when I got into my car! What joy opening ALL the windows on the car this time….. Hah. didn’t know what I was missing.
I came across groups of people in the countryside by the Settle – Carlisle line waiting for a steam train. Apparently it was late. I drove a bit further – found myself a lonely bridge over it on a little road and waited… and waited… and baked…. and waited…. and started to go scarlet…. and waited and listened to the birds….and waited. After one and half hours I gave up and came home.
In my last week at work before 12 days leave there was a lot to get finished up. It went ok and by Friday afternoon it was ok so it felt good leaving the office on a hot sunny day.

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