Its what a Sunday is for…

Hector suggested going to a pub and reading the papers…. but I fancied a walk especially as the weather was so fine and sunny. A plan then came to mind…..

We would drive to a pub we don’t usually go to (5 miles away) and just before it Hector would drop me off and I would set off walking home – using the quieter routes. So, off Rosie and I went… we saw a red squirrel, some new lambs, chiffchaffs, a jay and some highland cattle. We walked past open ploughed fields, coppiced woodland, pine woodland, ploughed fields, tree plantations, roads avenues with old oaks, very old hedges and abundant spring flowers; many of which are very early this year.
We’d only been walking 45 minutes when Hector drove up on his way home, but I decided to keep walking because I was enjoying it so much. Its hard to describe how much more pleasant it is to do a walk that is entirely homewards. Its not like setting off from home and doing a route that means turning back for home. It was a little adventure.
When we were almost home Sally drove by and stopped for a chat.
So, a lovely walk. Just lovely.

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