Beaten busy blonde business boggy birthday + best (exotic marigold hotel)

Beaten – did the pub quiz with Adele and Ray. Lots of fun and as ever a really good time with them. We didn’t win – but it doesn’t matter.
Busy – village magazine to finish and get to printers.
Blonde – dyed my hair. I’m happier blonde. Took quite well I think. I like it.
Business – very hectic at work. Had a trip down to the Midlands to visit our big 2 day Conference venue – that I found and booked – and it went well. 300 delegates will attend 2 nights and 2 days in the Autumn with en-suite accommodation, workshops, seminars, master classes, dinner, quiz, keynotes, speakers and multi trade stands. Its a real feat of organisation and I LOVE doing it.
Boggy – weather damp and mild. Not much by the way of a walk with Rosie. Hope for fine weekend weather and some nice mini expeditions.
Birthday – Clare’s birthday this week and she and Jane both came to visit me at the office. Glad to show them where I work and to give Clare her pressie.
Best – We went to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. It was delicious!!!! The perfect feel good film. I want to be Judy Dench sitting side saddle on a little scooter nipping around Jaipur streets my arm around a diffident Bill Nighy.

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