I made it through the rain (Sheffield floods by He)

When I left work on the evening of the 25th June I expected a moderate or even significant delay on the way home but no way was I expecting what I encountered. I needed to get from south Sheffield along one of the three routes into Rawmarsh, Rotherham. I already knew from trafic reports that Aldwarke Rd was closed so went for the retail world route. I got as far as St Annes roundabout where the police had blocked the road due to the river Don overflowing. My next attempt was to get through Barot hall but that too was under three to four feet of water. At this point I was only a half mile from home so I abandoned the car on the nearby industrial estate and started to wade through the water. I quickly felt uncomfortable as the current was getting stronger so I abandoned that idea and made one last attempt at getting through by going back onto the motorway north, driving past Rotherham and coming in southbound, but alas that too failed at Hooton Roberts.
My own mobile phone pics of the epic journey home:
At that point I gave up resigned to the fact that I would be sleeping in a hotel bed if lucky or the car if not. I was unlucky.
I sat the night out without much sleep and at 6:00am the water had completely subsided on the Barbot Hall route so I was home and ‘dry’.

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