The week was busy but the weekend has been LOVELY!

Its been great to have Hector home again.
The week has gone by quickly. Busy busy.
On Friday I had a short haircut. The lovely Stacey comes to the house to do it and I love the result. I feel like a new woman.

My car has been playing up a bit. When its cold it stalls easily and then won’t restart. What causes that??

I’d won £100 in a village draw so spent it on me; in the online sales at East and Sahara. A quirky top from Sahara – reduced from £125 to £37! and a waterfall card from East that I got for £20 and used to be £85! Good deals, and I am thrilled with both.

Frank and Kate joined us Friday evening for drinks and nibbles and lots of chat. Time always flies when we’re with them. I deserved a hangover but didn’t have one when I got up on Saturday – after a very nice lie in.
When we got up it was thick freezing fog and we went to Coombs Wood for a crunchy walk in the trees. It was so quiet, so still, cold and lovely.

Rosie had muddy feet so Hector kindly did the honours cleaning her up.
Pause to clean paws
My favourite shot of the morning is this one of Hector walking through the wood along the track towards the road.
Walking out of the woods

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