Twilight at Castlerigg Stone Circle

Whipping chill wind and freezing clear weather were perfect for a twilight trip to Castlerigg Stone Circle – just me and Rosie Posie. Hector working in India is baking in 30 degree heat! Its his birthday today so I am having a Cobra beer for him this evening.

Rosie was so cold and shivering – even in her fleece jacket – that I took her back to the car and stayed a little longer taking photos at the circle alone.

In such perfect weather and light conditions it was a joy to spend the twilight hour at Castlerigg Stone Circle.

It was very cold though and the freezing wind chill was biting.

The conditions were perfect for taking pictures. I hope they are worthy of some others I see of Castlertigg that are really stunning.

When I loaded up the photographs I felt I had caught the colour and detail in the these stones ok. The setting sun gave them a warmth that you don’t see at any other time of day. Not one image has had a single bit of manipulation – which is unlike me as I often adjust exposure or curves or saturation.

Standing proud Horizons
Me Strong stone under Skiddaw Red mountains
Looking towards Eden from Castlerigg Stone circle grouped under Skiddaw
There were other people there too

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