Christmas was Cheer

A super Christmas. Christmas Eve with Mum, Jane, James and Becks and some lovely gifts. Everyone was soppy over Rosie! Later Hector and I visited Sally and family and all her visitors and it was a magic visit. Again, Rosie proved VERY popular in a diva kind of way! She met their dog Roxy and they got on fine… was quite sweet really.

Christmas Day was just us and before Hector got up I went a walk around the village – up out onto the higher road. At lunch time we had a short visit to the pub before beef and lamb for lunch (late). So full up we couldn’t eat pudding and saved it up!

On Boxing Day we lazed a bit and then went a walk – up to Franks for a drink and chat. Lovely, then back into the village the long way….. Pleasant.

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On Wednesday Chris and Fiona visited and we spent a quick-seeming 10 hours talking and talking and talking with a short break for curry dinner on our laps. As always it was a wonderful evening with them. Strong lively chatter. Even my curry worked out ok. I couldn’t resist capturing this shot of Chris on the topic of…. something or other!

Our lovely new Goose down duvet arrived and after being allowed to plump up for a full day I put it in new covers (sale purchase from Sainsburys) and discovered that it is like sleeping in a cloud! BLISS.

New Years Eve – we dodged the worst of the rain and went out for a walk. Only 2.2 miles but really nice to blow away the cobwebs. Rosie got muddy so needed a half bath when we got home. We decided against going out for the New Year evening and had a nice bottle of wine etc at home and saw in the new year watching Jools Holland on TV as we usually do.

The first day of 2012 and a couple of hours with Helene and Martin and a chance for Monty (their King Charles spaniel) to meet Rosie. It went fine. Frank cat wasn’t so sure though and hissed out in a huff!
Nice nest Rosie…. a little bit of quiet time for her after a busy day!

I can’t believe now that there is only one more day off before going back to work. Ah well – its been a great break.

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