South to spiritual Somerset and Caribbean-style Conrwall

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I’d looked forward to our trip to stay with Lollykin and Lee in Cornwall where they live near Penzance. On the way we stayed overnight in a gorgeous Somerset village with Kate. The weather became perfect just in time for us setting off and for the whole stay was close to 30degrees and bright sun.
We travelled down to Cornwall via Brixham in Devon where my fathers ancestors originated. They were fishermen who left Brixham in 1840’s and set up fishing in Ramsgate before within a generation discovering the ‘Silver Pitt’s fishing grounds between Hull and Denmark and starting, with others, the Hull fishing industry. It was a moving visit – though Brixham is VERY busy with tourists. I went to the Maritime Museum and got to see a microfiche of my GGGGG Grandfathers marriage in the town. Spooky to see his signature!
A family wedding record from 1823!
Its true what they say about Cornwall – the light is very special and soft and bright and a piece of heaven. Lol and Lee have a fabulous home that they have made so special. Their wonderful dog George is bonkers and lively and adorable.
We did all the touristy things – St Ives, beaches, St Just, Cape Cornwall, Admiral Bembo pub in Penzance, a walk on the causeway to St Michaels Mount. All of it was great. And I was SO happy to see Lol and have an image in my mind now of where she is.
We stayed a second night in Somerset with Kate before bringing her back here to stay with our friend Frank, her partner.

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