A Heath Robinson affair

The Virginia Creeper on the front of our house was strangling the Satellite dish and wending its way up and over the roof tiles. So, Hector decided it had to be cut back. Good idea…
Our ladders are quite short and the dish and roof are very high up.
…a scrabble around in the garage and a plan came together. One plastic headed grass cutting rake, one spare broom pole, one length of old rough thin branch, one roll of masking tape and some string.
Hey presto….
A LONG pole with a rake thing at the end. It was around 20 feet long, wobbly, unwieldy and awkward but Hector dragged it up the ladder and as he couldn’t see above the edge of the roof from the ladder I shouted out from below
“Left a bit”, “Up some more”. “Lower it”, “Twist it around like a spaghetti fork”, “tug down”…. etc.

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