Heaven at Durham with Jan Garbarek and the Hilliard Ensemble

We saw this concert last night at the exquisite Durham Cathedral (this was filmed in Hamburg).
It was pure heaven.
There’s a brilliant review here
I have loved Jan Garbarek’s music for decades and with the Hilliard ensemble it is pure joy.
WHAT a venue and WHAT music!
The music breathes and provides space to breathe. Simple and complex at the same time. hymnal and sparse, playful and serious, immersed and open, intense rather than sentimental. A once in a lifetime experience!

I left this comment on a web review….

We were there for the concert. I’ve loved the music of Jan Garbarek, especially the “Officium” album with Hillard Ensemble, for many years. As soon as I saw this announced by the Sage I rushed to get tickets.
Unlike some events where you look forward to them for ages only to be a little disappointed at some aspect THIS was superlative. I don’t think I have ever been so moved by music and voices. I was almost choked with emotion.
The use of the cathedral acoustics and setting and the perfection of the music and voices was astonishing.
Especially magical was the subtle and gentle way the building was explored to extend the quality of the sound and the experience for the audience. It was powerful, ethereal, gently intense, subtle and soaring.
As we left I heard other people remark that it had been a once in a lifetime experience. It certainly was for me.

PS I used a piece from their 1994 album “Officium” as the backing music for my now much-seen on Youtube Starling Film.

2 thoughts on “Heaven at Durham with Jan Garbarek and the Hilliard Ensemble”

  1. asoio says:

    Another wonderful review: http://www.bachtrack.com/review-hilliard-ensemble-durham

    This once in a lifetime experience has happened to me many times (unfortunately I was not in Durham), and I’m going to repeat it again!

  2. Fi says:

    Thank you! I have done quite a lot of reviewing for papers etc, but was so spell-bound by the joy of this concert that I wanted to immerse myself in it.

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