Folk Festival Fun n Frolicky Females

Chrissie and I did the Beverley Festival together. We LOVE it! No camping this year – last year put us off – what with folding origami tents n all! So, each nigth returning back to her place where there was a nice bloke (her Chris) with a fresh cup of tea and a nice bed and a super shower.
Friday night at the festival we saw a few bits but Paul Carrack was brilliant! What a performer. Songs with true poetry in the lyrics.
Saturday we arrived in time to wander into town – we like Beverley for shopping! So, we shopped! Nice things. Girlie things. Saw some lovely Morris and clog dancing too.
Our favourite food tent WASN’T at the festival (Peace Cake Cafe) so we struggled to find food there we liked or was healthy enough (both on same diet regime) We’d had a lovely big bowl of salad, fruit and yoghurt etc for breakfast though. We enjoyed the festival stalls – even trying on some pretty flower garlands for our hair.

Picture 1 Picture 2

Music-wise we had a great time seeing Forro Porro (bonkers) and the sublime Salssa Celtica. We weren’t quite sure what was more entertaining the band or the VERY serious salsa, over-dressed, glittery high heeled, dancing folks. But, we danced and danced and almost needed a block and tackle to climb into the car.
Slept like a log and on Sunday we headed back to the festival. Watched some proper folk – Ewan McLennan (this years discovery) then Fay Hield Trio for superb folk songs and story-telling. Gorgeous. After that was Spiers & Boden. My idea of heaven. In the evening we saw Four Square (pretty good) and an Americana guy – don’t recall the name and we didn’t like him. But the absolute highlight was BELLOWHEAD. A juggernaut of a band with more energy, quirky bouncing and instrumentals and wonderful atmosphere, than you could ever see. Danced and danced and bounced and bounced. Loved it!!!
This is the festivals own film of some of the Bellowhead gig

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