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Weekend. Calm. Took Alan Titchmarsh’s advice and bought some summer flowering bulbs to put into the gaps in the garden. We got the gate treated with teak oil after H spent a couple of weekends doing a fantastic sanding job. Later H helped the folks in the playing field sort out their goal posts, I washed my car – twice (didn’t clean properly first time) – and planted the sweet peas in the dustbin (worked well last year). I cut the handle off a clear plastic brolly to make a cloche. Hope they’re as good as last year.
Frank popped over to talk about the broadband stuff and village mag.
I watched the Oxford/Cambridge boatrace for a while. It was an exciting one. Hector went to the pub to watch footie and was out for hours! Strangely (not) he is asleep in the armchair now. Bless! Hope he wakes up soon – I’m hungry for dinner!
Patridges been visiting the garden again and we’ve put covers on H’s car to stop the blackbird attacking it. Seems to be working so far…..

Forecast goodly for the morrow. Hope so. I intend to sit outside with a book for a while.

Mr Partridge
partridge in the garden

Took this shot on my way home from work… thousands and thousands of gulls in the fields that had been spread with muck.

multi gully

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