Almost perfect perigee moon weekend

Its all been a bit bankers, work, village projects, home. My head was all full up and brimming over with ‘stuff’. Not physically tired, just mentally jaded. So, I told Hector and let the village project folks know that I was not doing anything on any projects all weekend. And, it all got off to a brilliant start when Pete and Sarah came over to spend Friday evening with us. It was so good to see them. Sarah, after a long hike through treatment for breast cancer and major surgery is looking spectacular. What a woman. We had dinner, champers and chat and before bed Pete took us outside to light and launch a big Chinese lantern which we watched float up and North over the church and then it veered East towards the hills. A really good evening!
Picture 8 Perigee Moon and Celtic Cross
Picture 7 Launching our lantern
Picture 6 Sarah introducing our sculpture of
Aeolus, god of wind, to the pleasures of drinking champers through a straw.

The weather was good and we got to see some of the perigee moon. I also got to do some bits of gardening and Hector finished off sanding the gate.

We spotted a blackbird throwing itself at the front of Hectors car, battering itself against it, over and over. I thought it might be seeing tis reflection and as its spring, trying to see off a perceived rival.

Sunday – long lie in and quiet day. Batteries recharged!

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