Plethora of England’s most exotic birds

We’re SO lucky to have these regular visitors to our tiny village garden – though obviously the FORTUNE I spend of bird seed, nuts, fat balls, niger seeds etc etc helps!
‎6+ Redpolls, 4 Goldfinch, 1 Coal tit, 1 Pheasant, 2 Great tit, 2 Blue tit, 3+ Chaffinch, 5+ Sparrrow, 1 Starling, 3+ Blackbird, 3 Siskin, 1 Robin. Not bad for a few minutes gazing out of the window while I ate my yoghurt and muesli.

This is of 2 Goldfinch, a Siskin and a Redpoll

Redpoll - Siskin - Goldfinch (even in England the birds are exotic)

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