Between Eden and the Lakes

The industrial side of Penrith
I spotted the prospect of this shot on the way home from the office the other day and went out today to find the optimum place to capture the setting sun as it slips away beyond the Lakeland fells and behind the belching chimneys of Alba Proteins near Penrith.
I spent 20 minutes taking the shots leaving Hector snoozing at home watching footie and a replenished kitchen-pots of my 2 home made soups (courgette and carrot) and bread (rolls, a round flat loaf and tin loaf). It was a cold and clear day and a good one to spend a bit of time in the garden tidying up too. I really love a quiet lazy Saturday.
Between Eden and Lakes

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  1. lol says:

    What fab pictures, you have made the scene look magical

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