Perfect Christmas at home

A few days feeling unwell and my beloved MacBook in techy ICU so by Christmas Eve I was ready to relax and we began with a perfect Christmas Eve…. tea and mince pie with Frank and Kate, then some festive drinks and fun with Sally, Campbell, Jamie and Jess and their other guests. Later a walk through the snow with Hector to the pub.
I got up early Christmas morning to go to the river which is now an ice flow (freaky – and I suspect a VERY rare event) to take some piccies and then home to open our pressies. H had bought some some great stuff – all on a bit of a theme of relaxtion. A shaitsu massager for my creaky neck, vibrating fluffy slipper (!), aromatherapy eye covers, and plenty more besides. He liked his pressies too, especially amused by the ‘pie tokens’! Lunch was a very leisurely affair, no fuss, just a HUGE joint of beef.
Some pics of the day…
Xmas Eve above the village
Christmas Eve view of the Pennines
Christmas Day ice flow Eden
On Christmas day in the morning! Eden River ice-bound
Boxing Day – no activity except watching the birds in the garden, the TV and the overstocked larder!

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