Accepting the inevitable

12 days til Christmas and I am accepting the inevitable and finally doing the Christmas decorations today. Hector will have his annual foray into the loft to dig out the anitquey painted wood tree decorations and the outdoor red berry fairy lights. What with Frank Cat and a wood stove and a small lounge we don’t do proper trees, but years ago, at ‘stick knitting’ class, I made a conical whicker ‘thing’ that looks OK trimmed up as a ‘tree’….
Only 20 more Christmas cards to write and a few pressies to buy and a whole week off work. Yipee!
Well – a bit of a ‘Heath Robinson’ affair this ‘tree’…. and the fairylights were a gonner so its lightless sadly – at least til H buys some new ones for us. (…and yes…. Those are post-it notes on the pressies. A temporary measure until I buy proper ones!)
fairy copy

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