still Ullswater and ripping leather Elkie Brooks

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Sunday: Lovely clear and still Autumn day so I dragged Hector out for some air and supposedly for a walk up to Aira Force (waterfall beside Ullswater) but the lake itself was so beautiful and so calm and heavenly that I got immersed (not literally) in it. My heart was full of simple joy just to be there.

Saturday: Nice weather. Good mood. Hector was at a meeting with others with our local MP to start a process to get good enough broadband in Cumbria. Don’t know how they can hope to achieve it for the entire county with a £10M budget, some communities will have to be left out?
As soon as he got home we had to dash out to go and see the miraculous-voiced Elkie Brooks concert. WHAT a woman! She has been in the business for 50 years and deserves every accolade. She is now 65, looks 45 (or less) and has a voice that could rip leather. Utterly stunning. Blues, jazz, rock. A band so tight they could snap a ships’ anchor chain. I was grinning like a fool when she did a cover of Familys’ “Burlesque” from the early 1970’s. Her voice and musical abilities knock sideways the whole X-Factor fame-seeking hype (when WILL people wake up to this garbage?)
Elkie did all the songs we’d expect of her “Pearls a Singer”, “Lilac Wine” et al. All with the power and voice precision that I wasn’t really expecting if I am honest. Her band did backing vocals too and were great.
This film is from 30 years ago…

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