A horse called ‘Lonely’ and a brilliant gig

My friend Kate introduced me to Lonely; a horse in a field and orchard next door to her. He is out in all weathers and although has water doesn’t appear to be fed anything extra so eats just the grass. He looks quite old and has a very sunken back and a few ribs showing through. Kate started visiting him twice a day with a carrot or two and some friendly company so as she is now back home in Somerset I have taken it on – gladly. Kate also left me with a lovely poem she wrote about Lonely.

So, I stop by on my way to and from work with a few carrots which he seems to love. After only a few days he greets me with a happy whinny and trots over straight away.
I took a quick picture of him with my phone….

On Thursday evening we saw Spiers and Boden in Carlisle, meeting up with Heather and Alex (great!). One of the best gigs I’ve ever seen. I loved every minute. Hector bought me the CD and we got it signed and I took this pic of the guys. Nice one of JB!

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