Chile miners prove themselves Gentlemen

I can’t help but feel that if it had been UK miners in the same predicament as the Chilean miners the underground life would have degenerated into anarchy and unpleasant behaviour, whereas the Chileans were organsied, disciplined and set a fine example. And then on escaping the confines of the depths they have apparently shunned singular promotional glory and financial gain and have insisted on a unified front to the press, media and ongoing interest. I am a little sad and ashamed to feel that a UK miner in the same situation would have stumbled out of the escape pod, into the arms of Max Clifford and in front of the lens and open cheque books of the tabloid press and it be every man for himself. Within days the press would be full of stories of bullying and bad behaviour, feuds and fights. I shouldn’t assume I know, but does anyone really think it would have been any different?

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