a short walk from home

a new view of Eden Vale, originally uploaded by Fi in Eden.

Hector is away this weekend so after he set off I went for a little walk and above the valley along the old drovers route. Autumn was all around. The colours, the fungi, the wildlife. It was a lovely hour.

Its been a weekend of great autumnal almost summery weather. I’ve been outside a lot. The garden is looking good even now – dahlia’s and russet autumnal colours. And, strangely, for the first time the lawn is covered in fungi. don’t know what kind they are, but they are quite nice.
ladybug enjoying the glut of fungi on our lawn

We’re still in the midst of decorating the hall and stairs and Juliet balcony but I stopped when I ran out of paint. Once the new carpet is down it’ll all be worth it.

Meanwhile, Hector is having a great boys weekend with old friends and plenty beer.

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