Chrissie, Lolly n Me do Beverley

Best film I did at the festival…

Chrissie, Lolly n Me do Beverley.
Hippy flowery tents.
Good atmosphere.
Laughed til we cried.
All squashed up in one tent sheltering from the rain.
I broke my toe (tent guy rope incident).
There was a sneak thief pilfering from tents in the night (scary) who even stole some of our food.
High winds that made our tent into origami.
Saw loads of good live music.
People watched.
Gave up on tents on evening 2 and decamped to Chrissie’s house for the night. GOOOOOD plan.
Ate at least 2 curies each day and quite a lot of wonderful cake.

1 thought on “Chrissie, Lolly n Me do Beverley”

  1. Chrissie says:

    Ooooooh, what a wonderful reminder of summer (?) on such a cold and blustery day.
    All that lovely cake mmmmmmmm

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