Reflecting on forgotten times and memories

A week full of sorting through boxes and bags and cases full of photographs, clothes, books and paperwork. Thousands of photos are whittled down to a couple of small boxes, but on the way I looked at so many of times past, some way back in the 70’s. Some of me have made me really aware of my age now This morning I have spent an hour shredding all the paperwork that was my Dad’s and related to business and home life in the 1970’s. Strange and poignant to see copies of letters written by Dad and knowing he had been gone coming up 30 years now.
Its left me feeling a bit shaken up – the past snuck up and bit me on the bum!

Hector has had yet another trip to the tip with much of the stuff…. but is going to be happily ensconced in front of the TV for the footie World Cup later. He has a temporary new TV with a bi screen for the duration of the World Cup and set it up in the dining room so he can watch it in HD on a comfy sofa in peace and then when its all over sell the TV again.

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