Chasing around like a mad thing…

Frank is all bandaged up after his little op to repair his bad cut on a back leg and not liking being confined to the house.
Weekend flew by but we got some nice housey chores done. My week at work is amusingly hectic.
On Monday Hector had a test car delivered – he’s getting a new one in August. So we went out for a nice ride out to try it – a VW Golf. Seems nice and bigger inside than I expected.
On Tuesday it was Mums birthday so after getting Frank to the vet for a check up I dashed home to change and go into the Lakes to meet Jane and Mum for supper.I went via Castlerigg stone circle and a little wander around at Thirlmere. I think the evening was a hit for Mum and the evening was lovely. Almost summer really
So, some pics of the week…
Fine at first....cotton wool cloud above a soft green world
This is what Hector sees from his home office – lucky thing..
This tree is lovely but its next doorbetween those trees and that hill is a lake

Can’t wait for the weekend – the forecast is really good. Snoozing in the garden methinks!

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